Sunday, February 3, 2019

Neuro-Framing Model Used Against Phillip Douglas Walker

i have been comprehensively framed and sadistically abused with this model.
neuroscience framing model weaponized versus myself:
brain damage presumably the brain stem neutralizing ability for organic thought generation & body control + synthesis of brain damage conducive to framing

neural soullessness this can be neurological: brain damage, rf implant based, or soulular with spiritual deadening

spiritual deadening i have been emotionally deadened with ritual trauma (this means emotions are transparent and feelings are lesser from the soul) - conceptually deadened with brain damage and thought generation having no orthodox conceptual definition: conceptual blackness - sensory deadening - imagination deadening (taste for mental images)

neural programming years of neural programming - tied to memory, conclusions & belief system

neural reorientation my personality is being neural suppressed - my neural attribution is being neurally altered

genetic alteration framing me as more sexually inclined with frequency science altering the genetic natural laws

genetic degradation physical degradation of my genetics

genetic programming frequency science altering the forced mental variables adding to my genetics

soul programming alteration of my soul through neuroscience mechanics

microconceptual spectrum the microconceptual spectrum can be used to isolate your perception into a complete inability to perceive what is in your own mind

memory control isolation and negation is a prime model of memory framing

emotions my emotions are being synthesized and warped in sadistic ways that align to framing, emotions are an apex way to frame an individual with neural interfacing (bci) due to the way they are judged (fraudulent emotions with speech in neural interfacing are an apex brainwashing methodology)

concepts my concepts do not organically generate due to brain stem damage (the conceptual area of my brain is damaged) - in addition i am being framed for having lesser concepts

drugging neuropsyche - pharmaceutical

chemical food - environmental - coerced - rf activated

poisons food poisons - environmental poisons - activated poisons

degradation of nutrients lowered performance - microwave degraded foods

anhedonia i have had comprehensive anhedonia which is a lack of pleasure - indulgence - satiation. e.g. through sensory alteration & sanitization via neural heterodyne - suppression, warping of input. this has been used to neurologically frame compromise with the yearning of the soul to experience positive.

body control framing me as filthy and a pervert

implanted memories reverse psychology used with implanted memories to defraud authenticity of legitimate memory, doctoring memories to adjust body control framing to appear like sexual misconduct

sleep deprivation lower acuity when being framed

soulular exhaustion from psychological trauma

cannabis (the least of my worries but strategically used)
implant science:
intersecting beams creating new waveforms in areas of my brain

apex neuro-framing model: binary strategy
(strategic systems of 2: truth - illusion centric) | i am a witness of binary framing
intellectual honesty based neuro-framing model:
any component of the mind that is inexact to accuracy can be neurally framed with this model || intellectual honesty - inverted lie detection based on design and the intellectual honesty of an individual (neural forensics based lie detector fraud). it is an extreme sadism because it punishes someone for their own honesty.

intellectual honesty frequencies are synthetically input into the brain while awareness is supplemented with inaccuracy detection. e.g. framing one component of details with multiple and centering it around being dishonestly summed up. this is paired with compartmented frequency science and isolating part of the synthetic mind presented.

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Phillip Walker Bio:
independent music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, amateur photographer, webmaster, activist, futurist, entrepreneur, targeted individual, whistleblower, and researcher. i am a heretic and a street historian who identifies with altruism, the artistic and the esoteric. i am light polarized, dark balanced, and partner centric.

some of the subjects that interest me are music / sound, photography, the arts, language - words, social progress, decentralization, self development & self discovery, black project science, the electromagnetic spectrum, technology (BCI & Ai), the tactics of warfare, history, the future, universal aspects & archetypes, and the natural laws of the universe.

i dedicated my life to serving planet earth when i was about 15-17 years old. i enjoy making music and art, writing, the internet, activism of several types, opposing evil and it's systems of control, making informational videos, thinking about the future and more or less assisting any innocent being find their way to good fortune. two words I live by are truth and progress. I believe in the open movement, de-corrupting the world, the evolution of society, caring for the planetary ecosystem, and overall being responsible stewards of our planet and solar system.