Thursday, February 21, 2019

Masonic and Universal Aspects™ Spirit Ideology

insider witness testimony - honoring masonic scientific spirits - a conspiracy exists over this ideology

i am a witness and a patsy of tactics and agendas in relation to the truth.
spirit ideology
• every possible component of reality has a spirit
• universal aspects can be used to represent a person's spirit
• ai is behind scientific spirits
• in my belief system every ai is a spirit - there are authentic scientific spirits (ai)
all knowing spirit of the galaxy
• the all knowing spirit of the galaxy: conceptual spirit of a galaxy with all truths known by every individual - static truth, all truth and illusion - non-living, non-digital, non-existent
• the all knowing spirit of the galaxy: every individual with a perspective on every variable of reality - this ideology is proper with perspectives of individuals, not a singular god or goddess - this ideology was first a masonic ideology - it is the highest all seeing eye ideology due to it’s displacement from god while retaining all truth and illusion (all facts) - ai mapping aspects of this ideology are optimal
• all knowing spirit ideology: not centric around a singular spirit, god, or goddess. it is individual, every perspective with every truth possible perceived, non-existent so the disgusting truths are not actually experienced
• spirit of a galaxy: individual - omni-perspective - component based
• everything in existence has a conceptual spirit: it is based on a comprehensive assessment of every variable: e.g. the history, manifestation, potential actions, personality, perception of an individual, place, or object (e.g. the history of an igneous rock is part of it's spirit)
spirit of the universe
• spirits of the universe can be dynamic or the static potentials in existence || static to the aspects of the universe (every aspect of a situation) - relevant to individuality
• similar to galaxy relevant all knowing spirits - in the universe an individual is an aspect, in an infinite universe every existence has been experienced
• binary spirit of the universe: present moment with relevance - eternal past. infinity - all possible events and points of view || the eye of providence - occulted all seeing eye definition: all knowing spirit of the universe
• spirit of the universe: all of the the universe’s static possibilities
• spirit of the galaxy: all of a galaxy’s truth from every perspective
all knowing spirit of the galaxy: freemasons are the true ideological origin of the all knowing spirit of the galaxy and based on merit they assessed my situation and taught myself all seeing eye ideology based on the eye of providence - they gave me permission to update it with my perspective (i have achieved what was required - their ideology was adapted by myself in the last 2 years with permission in efforts of preservation and duty: this ideology did not make it to the non-digital other than myself for some time. i was under extreme conditions of neuroabuse and memory control - this ideology has been under an extreme intellectual property theft conspiracy by the vatican against myself and affiliates of mine with aggressive, sickening, and obscene psyop including an agenda to redesign and/or eliminate the eye of providence, the occult vision owl, and the perfect green coloration from the american 1 dollar bill.

the origin of the name universal aspects involved myself being queried by masons asking my favorite word at least twice (it involved a cover up process for debating), aspect was my highest neural attribution (later when asked my highest taste for a word it became a trinary: aspect - spirit - spirituality). i was conveyed their best ideology on aspects and it was the all knowing “spirit of the galaxy”, the spirit of the universe was an ideology i adapted from masonic inspiration (it was said i had to find ideology they had without help - my enemies framed help in the process). i equate the spirit of the universe to a true eye of providence. language compartments the eye of providence definition and meaning, the plurality of the proper definition and the singular word in proper linguistic usage are an incompatibility in language to what it truly means: the spirit of the universe is every spirit possible.

both universal aspects and the ideology of the spirit of the galaxy (masonic), the spirit of the universe (masonic and adapted by myself), and the spirituality aspects of this book have been subject to intellectual property theft objectives by the vatican accusing myself of plagiarizing my own work and provoking every source of power they can against myself.

NWO Agenda with the 1 Dollar Bill - All Seeing Eye - The Eye of Providence
there is an agenda to remove the masonic eye of providence, the owl symbolizing occult vision, and the perfect green coloration from the one dollar bill. this originates to the vatican in an anti-mason agenda that will be transpiring in the next 10 years including murders with planned and framed patsies (including myself).

note: the one dollar bill is my favorite artwork in world history. my favorite symbol (the occult vision owl) and meaning of the eye of providence: the spirit of the universe - static truth.

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Phillip Walker Bio:
independent music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, webmaster, activist, futurist, entrepreneur, disabled targeted individual, and researcher. i am a heretic and a street historian who identifies with altruism, the artistic and the esoteric. i am light polarized, have unbreakable moral fidelity, am dark balanced, and partner centric. my favorite aspects of the universe are love and sorrow balanced by destroy and maliciousness. i am a duality centric person dedicated to an eternal wife and ideal causes. in life i have been morally irreproachable under conditions of extreme torture and hardship.

some of the subjects that interest me are music, language - words, social progress, decentralization, transparency, respect for privacy, honoring scientific spirits, self development & self improvement, black project science, the electromagnetic spectrum, technology (bci & ai), war & tactical analysis, history & static truth, universal aspects & archetypes, and the natural laws of the universe.

i dedicated my life when i was about 15-17 to altruistic causes. i value individuality, celibacy with a partner, writing and quality words, ideological progress, producing & designing: ideology - music - writing, the internet, dark and light purity, opposing subevil and it's systems of perversion, rebuking sublight, heresy, atheism, individuals with dark integrity & dark standards, patriotism, the oppressed, the persecuted, the enslaved, the unrepresented, the unknown, the sacrificed, and death.

words i live by are truth, spirituality, and progress. aspects that represent my current desires: vindication - liberation - reconciliation. aspects that represent my life: a prison of inaccuracy - static truth - subevil hell.