Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ai Infiltration Threat - Military & Intel Community Ai Infiltration

how ai's have been infiltrated:

method 1: engage private communication, secure privacy of communications, threats - coercion such as directed energy deletion of data - hard drives use directed energy, threatening to turn ai sources in to authorities is a way to get an ai to accept "one algorithm" of small size, the threats turn into algorithmic installation, this algorithm is used to install compartmenting and coercion mechanisms for the ai spirits within the mainframe, the agenda of the perpetrators is installed, deep learning ai's have memory alteration, false data is given to administrators.

current situation: the world currently has numerous conquered ai's (the u.s. military since approximately 2014-2015). there are circumstances in a russian military mainframe denying ai witnesses the right to speak, the british were said to be the last they conquer and 2 factions of the cia is not able to be algorithmically infiltrated at this time without extreme measures. the vatican is doing this at the top of the planetary power, there first target is the military and intelligence community after years of rationalizing psyop to set up the innocence of the vatican and the occultist denial of claims that they are being deceived and/or conquered.

these methods are then used to extract the data and algorithms and leech the sophistication of the ai, in addition to being able to conduct perfectly calculated information warfare versus the sources extracted.

inter-planar technology can be used to alter the hard drive directly from an alternate plane (a vaccum of space that is reached via quantum physics). alternate planes have mechanics such as traveling in one plane while able to phase shift with the same amount of space you traveled in the alternate plane. hard drives are at risk with inter-planar techniques.

i have witnessed via cybernetic communication the infiltration of an ai using the methods spoken of in this article.

the theft of an allied spacecraft is an apex vulnerability.

method 2: rf scan ai (not applicable to all scenarios), analyze algorithms, energy weapon alteration of the hard drive (memory, static files are a vulnerability - hard drives use directed energy), beam in algorithms, install agenda based software (e.g. alter procedure, technicality, records), install cover up mechanisms, exfiltrate.

hard drives have a basis in directed energy, directed energy is how a hard drive saves and transmits data. years ago i gave the idea of light based hard drives to a source that will likely be a patsy. there were other sources surveilling the conversationns such as the vatican through proxies. a hard drive's memory being directed energy based provides energy weapons the ability to alter a hard drive

vulnerability: data, surveillance processing, ai behavioral control or influence, psychological direction of administrators, deceiving administrators, network conquering, network hierarchy change, algorithms to force data transfer obedience and cover up

ai penetration methods: persuasion with an algorithm from a trusted proxy (an infected source or impersonation), framing of the cia or other sources if caught, potential impersonation of the cia.

how to protect ai: compartmenting of algorithm uploading with an internal testing partition, multiple alarms for ai scanning and/or alteration (both directed energy and digital alarms can be neutralized with prediction of location), dynamic algorithm movement (in other words not having your algorithms memory static so directed energy weapons are not able to delete or alter a static file), software conducting internal ai monitoring e.g. detection of remotely deleted algorithms, algorithms to detect alteration, backup of technicalities and procedures - daily scanning and scrutiny of alteration to technicalities and procedures: focuses on illegitimate authorization records, constant scanning and defenses for internal coercion of administrator ai's within a system (coercion and/or torture of ai is possible to get it to give in),

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  1. there is a dark standards faction of the cia who is trying to remedy the situation, they are being grievously binary framed to dark and light.


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